Suppressing duplicate notify

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 2 19:52:43 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Henri" == Henri J Schlereth <henris at> writes:

    >>  Your named.conf is not quite right. In BIND, the master name
    >> server sends NOTIFY messages to the IP addresses of the zone's
    >> NS records.  [NS records should exist for most (all?) of the
    >> authoritative name servers for the zone: not only its master
    >> server.] So if your named.conf has also-notify clauses, these
    >> could be redundant. The name server already knows from the
    >> zone's NS records who it needs to NOTIFY. It would be better to
    >> keep the zone's NS records and remove the (unnecessary)
    >> also-notify clauses rather than the other way round.

    Henri> I dont have any also notify clauses in named.conf (see
    Henri> below)

Well, I'm sorry I made an educated guess and got it wrong. It would
have helped if you'd provided the relevant information -  like the zone
file and named.conf - at the outset. If you're still getting warnings
about duplicate NOTIFYs, then you must have a duplicate NS record. Or
different NS records that have names pointing at the same IP address.

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