Suppressing duplicate notify

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Thu Mar 2 20:16:23 UTC 2000

>     Henri> I dont have any also notify clauses in named.conf (see
>     Henri> below)
> Well, I'm sorry I made an educated guess and got it wrong. It would
> have helped if you'd provided the relevant information -  like the zone
> file and named.conf - at the outset. If you're still getting warnings
> about duplicate NOTIFYs, then you must have a duplicate NS record. Or
> different NS records that have names pointing at the same IP address.

 There is no need to apologize, really. I was just fishing for general
information since nothing was broken. I didnt originally include the
named.conf for that reason. The zone transfers work except for the
gripe duplicate. For completedness I will include the zone file.
If you like I can include the arpa file as needed but it is fairly
indentical to the zone except for being PTR's. Again the only thing
I did was to add the NS for shonjir and that generated the
error message but did not stop the transfer.

$TTL  86400
; Authoritative data for
; $Id:,v 1.17 1998/09/23 21:04:50 feral Exp $
@	IN	SOA (
				2000030202	; Serial number (change me!)
				21600		; Refresh every 6 hours
				3600		; Retry every hour
				604800		; Expire zone after 2 weeks
				86400 ) 	; Cache for minimum 6 hours
 		IN	NS
		IN	MX	0
		IN	MX	5
localhost	IN	A
loopback	IN	CNAME	localhost
local		IN	CNAME	localhost
kesrith		IN	A
www		IN	A
smtp		IN	A
ftp		IN	A
rock 		IN	A
anna 		IN	A
shonjir		IN	A
mx2		IN	A
fire		IN	A
cave		IN	A


"All data leaves a trail. The search for data leaves a trail.
The erasure of data leaves a trail.The absence of data, under
the right circumstances,can leave the clearest trail of all-
Dr. Kio Masada" 

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