Suppressing duplicate notify

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 2 20:30:11 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Henri" == Henri J Schlereth <henris at> writes:

    Henri> @	IN	SOA
    Henri> 		IN	NS
    Henri>  		IN	NS

The MNAME field of the SOA record is wrong: the master name server
isn't "". [There's no A record for that name in your
zone file.] So the real master server is sending NOTIFYs to and (all of the zones NS
records *except* the one listed in the SOA record's MNAME). One of
those name servers is probably the master server and this is confusing
that name server. I thought there was a specific error message when a
name server tried to send a NOTIFY message to itself. Oh well.

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