Primary DNS failover

Johnny Fribert Lauridsen jlaurids at
Fri Mar 3 01:26:40 UTC 2000

Barry, and all,
In a DDNS environment with Win2000, if a primary DNS is DOWN, then
DDNS requests are queued (for example DHCP clients).  Hence, the DHCP clients
are not known in DNS, if the primary is down.  And the secondaries are not told
about the new DHCP clients or any other DDNS, as the primary is down.
Some are not happy with this...  In fact, it is an issue...  Do not underestimate it.

At 01:06 03/03/2000 +0000, Barry Margolin wrote:
>In article < at>,
>Johnny Fribert Lauridsen  <jlaurids at> wrote:
> >Lot of talk in this forum on this issue.  E.g. how to have multiple
> >primaries for the
> >same zone.  As we now all understand, this is not possible, per RFC, etc....
>Nothing in the RFCs prohibits multiple master servers.
> >So, how do we do it best (no more RFC and standards discussion, lets get
> >practical now!)?
> >UPS.  That is the first good thing.
> >Periodic backup - That the next good thing.
> >Some Cluster mechanism - Next good idea.
> >
> >Etc.
> >Anyone have a good _practical_ setup for primary failover?  and the details, pls.
>What is it you're trying to accomplish?  Disaster recovery?  rsync is a
>decent solution.
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