Primary DNS failover

Michael Voight mvoight at
Fri Mar 3 01:30:46 UTC 2000

WIN2000 handles this with MultiMaster, doesn't it?
So, if you use WIN2000 DNS and DHCP, you should be set.
Or doesn't it do this?

You are talking about the majority of DNS/DHCP products.
Some change needs to happen here.

Michael Voight

Johnny Fribert Lauridsen wrote:
> Barry, and all,
> In a DDNS environment with Win2000, if a primary DNS is DOWN, then
> DDNS requests are queued (for example DHCP clients).  Hence, the DHCP clients
> are not known in DNS, if the primary is down.  And the secondaries are not told
> about the new DHCP clients or any other DDNS, as the primary is down.
> Some are not happy with this...  In fact, it is an issue...  Do not underestimate it.
> /jfl

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