Public / Private zones - assistance please

Tilman Schmidt Tilman.Schmidt at
Fri Mar 3 09:06:57 UTC 2000

At 23:09 02.03.00 +0000, Bruce Schuck wrote:
>Having 2 servers, where the outside server knows nothing of
>the internal network doesn't cut the mustard.
>I now have an internet email server.  Call it  It
>also happens to be the external DNS server.  But I have two machines
>inside the firewall from which users will really get and send their
>email.  [...] Now these are behind the firewall and therefore I don't
>need their names to be advertised to the internet in general, but I
>need for the internet email server to be able to look them up for
>forwarding mail inside my domain.  

No problem. Just configure /etc/resolv.conf on not
to use the DNS server running on the same machine, but the internal
DNS server instead. Just because a machine is running a BIND in some
corner doesn't mean it has to use it for its own DNS lookups too.

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