Public / Private zones - assistance please

Alan J Rosenthal flaps at
Fri Mar 3 03:16:22 UTC 2000

Bruce Schuck <bschuck at> writes:
>Having 2 servers, where the outside server knows nothing of
>the internal network doesn't cut the mustard.

You don't really seem to say why it "doesn't cut the mustard"[footnote], but
I hypothesize that perhaps the sole problem is that you haven't considered
making the mail server use the *internal* DNS information, even though it's
an "external" machine.  I think this takes care of the bridging problem I
think you are saying you're having.  Of course this means that the "external"
machine has to have a bit more connectivity to the internal machines than you
might ideally want, but that's going to be required if it's going to forward
the e-mail inwards anyway.

[footnote] Of course, arguably it's quite obvious why your computer doesn't
cut any mustard; rarely does one attach a robot arm to a DNS server.

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