host name not resolved

Michael Voight mvoight at
Fri Mar 3 18:38:14 UTC 2000

Jeff Donovan wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have a strange problem which may be my ISP's issue or my box,...Im not sure.
> Last night and one other time a few days ago clients in different
> domains were not able to connect to port 110 to get their mail.
> looks up on worked
> look ups on any host within my domain failed.
> I could telnet to the box, but not on port 110.
> telnet and I could need the daemons running,..named was running and
> their were no errors :\

I am confused.. Where is the DNS error?
When you telneted, what was the error returned?

I am guessing the port 110 requests required a PTR record lookup. 

Who manages the DNS for your domain? You or the ISP

Michael Voight

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