IP unknown - what am I doing wrong?

Joakim Schramm joakim at humanet.se
Sun Mar 5 11:41:32 UTC 2000


have set up my nameservers with Ultradns and the new nameservers for the
domain was registrered with internic several days ago - but the domain
still seam "lost in space", what's wrong?

This is what I get on a local nslookup when telnetting (ssh actually)
into the server:

josch at ns:~ > nslookup www.astrocalc.com
Server:  ns.humanet.se

Name:    mercury.astrocalc.com
Aliases:  www.astrocalc.com
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
ns.humanet.se is the local host/dns on the box which I'm about to
replace, that's why I want to use ultradns, and there is no references
to it in my local zonefile. But still it seam to interfear with the
nameresolving in some way, which I don't understand.

This is what i get when make a nslookup using ns1.ultradns.net:

josch at ns:~ > nslookup www.astrocalc.com ns1.ultradns.net
Server:  ns1.ultradns.net

Name:    www.astrocalc.com.humanet.se
Served by:










- - - - - - - - - - - - -
I can see something obviously is wrong here as it append "humanet.se" to
the name. There is no pointers to humanet.se or it's ip in the ultradns
configuration. Do I have to put a NS record for "ns1.ultradns.net" in
the 127.in-addr.arpa. zonefile?

This is my local zonefile for the domain "astrocalc.com":
; specifies domain astrocalc.com
@	IN	SOA	camelot.astrocalc.com.	hostmaster.astrocalc.com. (
		2000030307	; S/N
		3H		; Refresh value
		1H		; Retry value
		3W	; Expire value
		1D )	; Minimum TTL value
astrocalc.com.		IN	NS	ns1.ultradns.net.
			IN	NS	ns2.ultradns.net.
localhost		A
camelot			A
			HINFO	Pentium433  Linux 2.2.10

;dedicated host mercury to serve users at astrocalc
mercury.astrocalc.com.	A

astrocalc.com.		MX	10 mercury
; aliases for mercury

www	CNAME	mercury
mail	CNAME	mercury
- - - - - - - - - - - - 

This is the server 0.0.127.in-addr.arpa. zonefile:
$ORIGIN 0.0.127.in-addr.arpa.
$TTL 86400
@			   IN SOA	ns.humanet.se. hostmaster.humanet.se. (
					2000030301	; serial
					3H		; refresh
					1H		; retry
					5W		; expiry
					1D )		; minimum

			NS	ns.humanet.se.
			NS	camelot.astrocalc.com.
1			PTR	localhost.
When I try to ping www.astrocalc.com I just get back a "IP unknown"
Sorry this post is long, but to be usefull there got to be some
Greatfull for your help.

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