IP unknown - what am I doing wrong?

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven asmodai at bart.nl
Sun Mar 5 16:54:15 UTC 2000

-On [20000305 12:50], Joakim Schramm (joakim at humanet.se) wrote:
>This is my local zonefile for the domain "astrocalc.com":
>; specifies domain astrocalc.com
>$TTL 1D
>@	IN	SOA	camelot.astrocalc.com.	hostmaster.astrocalc.com. (
>		2000030307	; S/N
>		3H		; Refresh value
>		1H		; Retry value
>		3W	; Expire value
>		1D )	; Minimum TTL value
>astrocalc.com.		IN	NS	ns1.ultradns.net.
>			IN	NS	ns2.ultradns.net.
>localhost		A
>camelot			A
>			HINFO	Pentium433  Linux 2.2.10
>;dedicated host mercury to serve users at astrocalc
>mercury.astrocalc.com.	A

The style you use is not consistent.

At one time you just use the host forthe A records, at another time you
use the FQDN.

In this part mercury	IN	A

would've been sufficient.

>astrocalc.com.		MX	10 mercury
>; aliases for mercury
>www	CNAME	mercury
>mail	CNAME	mercury

With CNAMEs always use the FQDN after the CNAME, so:

www	IN	CNAME	mercury.astrocalc.com.
mail	IN	CNAME	mercury.astrocacl.com.

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