Dynamic DNS and BIND

Mark.Andrews at nominum.com Mark.Andrews at nominum.com
Mon Mar 6 07:27:13 UTC 2000

	A dynamic zone is a dynamic zone.

	Just use nsupdate to perform the changes required.


> We are currently running BIND 8.2.2 as a master DNS server with static
> addresses being assigned  by a DHCP server to PCs based on MAC address.
> Due to some project requirements we are now facing the prospect of
> removing the depencies of DHCP address allocation on MAC address and
> allowing Dynamic DNS updates. Two questions have arisen.
> 1. How do we allow dynamic updates to the DNS while also being able to
> edit the Zone file and then apply the changes. Obviously if a copy of
> the DNS zone is taken for editing, by the time the changes are to be
> applied it is possible that a number of dynamic changes may have taken
> place and they will be "blown away" if the edited zone is reloaded. We
> have thought of potentially scripting a way for the dynamic changes
> during an edit to be logged and then essentially performing a "merge"
> but this is getting messy.
> 2. Is it possible to assign only part of our address range as accepting
> to dynamic updates while other areas remain static. This would be
> preferable without resorting to multiple zone files or some other
> workaround.
> Thanks in advance
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