BIND Zone XFER Problems

Alan J Rosenthal flaps at
Mon Mar 6 15:52:51 UTC 2000

"Mike Dimmick" <mike at> writes:
>I tried a diff on the two files and the only significant difference was
>in the SOA: old (non-working) serial was 00021010, new (working) serial
>2000021010.  Perhaps some piece of software doesn't like very small
>serial numbers?

I rather doubt it.  I've never used a serial number of 0, but I often use an
initial serial number of 1 for new zone files, and I stay at 1 for domains
I configure as masters without secondaries (e.g., and
private TLDs for networks with only one name server).  Not everyone uses
the yyyymmddnn formula for serial numbers.  (I never do when it's just me.)

One possibility is that something was cached based on a serial number
inbetween these two values.  Since they look like dates, I wouldn't be
surprised if there was a version of your zone beginning with '99' floating
around out there and causing your troubles.

>The other differences were the removal of MX and CNAME
>records for all the hosts ... and the removal of the TXT record.

Another possibility that you inadvertently corrected a syntax error at
this point.

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