Reject of W2K gc._msdcs...

Robert Weber Robert.Weber at Colorado.EDU
Mon Mar 6 18:14:03 UTC 2000

On this issue,  Is there any way to make an a record "Un-removable" in a
dynamic zone.  The reason I ask is were trying to set up DDNS on Solaris
Running bind 8.2.2-p5, with a isc DHCP server also running on Solaris,
and we need our Active directory servers, and our major unix servers to 
keep their entries in DNS even if some bozo professor tries to join the 
domain with a conflicting name.  Here's our attempted setup:
			/          \
		       /            \
		      /              \
		     /                \

We have always had a cs sub-domain which we have developed tools to make
hostnames unique across the primary domain and the sub-domain(ie if there
is a machine there is no machine  With the Active Directory stuff we'd like to at
least take some of our most important servers and propagate them to the subdomain to "reserve" those names to avoid confusion.
for instance {ns1,news,mail} shouldn't be w2k laptops that
float around the campus but should always point to our Unix Servers.  With
the way ddns is set up I don't see any way to make sure those names aren't
stolen by some W2k box who asks the DHCP server for them.  This may not be
a bind issue and I should take it up with the DHCP server, but that's not
my machine :P.  (campus politics...)

						Robert Weber
						University of Colorado
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> > > BTW, does anyone know when the Dynamic Update Bugs mentioned in the
> > > INSTALL file of the BIND 8.2.2-p5 source will be fixed? (Specifically the
> > > ability to update to slaves, which would then propagate to masters, and
> > > the destroying delegation to child domains bug.)
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> > > 
> > > -Tim
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> > 	It's scheduled to be fixed in BIND 9.0.0.
> > 
> > 	Mark
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