MacOS 9 Dynamic DNS Update

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at
Mon Mar 6 18:49:10 UTC 2000

Way back in January Erik Freitag <erik.freitag at> responded to a
question about MacOS 9 Dynamic Updates (I find from looking at, but it won't let me post a reply) with a reference to an
Apple document at
That document, however, doesn't seem to address dynamic update, just how
to put static entries in using TXT records (and allowing the clients to
transfer the zone to search it - yuck!).

We've just started to hit those annoying "unapproved update" messages in
our BIND log from Macs as well as Win2K machines and I wondered if anyone
could provide any further detail on how the MacOS 9 dynamic update stuff
is supposed to work and, more importantly, how to turn it off.

Thanks in advance...

Sam Wilson
Network Services Division, Computing Services
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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