BIND 8.2.2p5 and a dial-up connection

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Tue Mar 7 05:54:00 UTC 2000

> I've been trying to configure BIND 8.2.2 patch level 5 to work with
> my LAN and dial-up connection to my ISP.  Every hour or so it seems
> to want to connect to the ISPs name servers in order to verify addresses
> which it already has had responses for.  This is far from ideal (its
> costing me money :), but I can't seem to find what is controlling
> this activity - it seems to be instigated by BIND itself, rather than
> a client program perfoming a lookup.
> I've got the "dialup yes" option set amongst other things.  Is
> there a cookbook configuration somewhere for a dial-up connection?

	Dialup only effects the zone refresh and notify for zone served,
	rather than performing these at random times they are rescheduled
	to occur at the same time every heartbeat-interval (default 1 hour).


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