BIND 8.2.2p5 and a dial-up connection

David Cooke dave at
Thu Mar 9 22:42:42 UTC 2000

Mark.Andrews at <Mark.Andrews at> wrote:
>> I've been trying to configure BIND 8.2.2 patch level 5 to work with
>> my LAN and dial-up connection to my ISP.  Every hour or so it seems
>> to want to connect to the ISPs name servers in order to verify addresses
>> which it already has had responses for.  This is far from ideal (its
>> costing me money :), but I can't seem to find what is controlling
>> this activity - it seems to be instigated by BIND itself, rather than
>> a client program perfoming a lookup.
>> I've got the "dialup yes" option set amongst other things.  Is
>> there a cookbook configuration somewhere for a dial-up connection?
>	Dialup only effects the zone refresh and notify for zone served,
>	rather than performing these at random times they are rescheduled
>	to occur at the same time every heartbeat-interval (default 1 hour).

Thanks for the input.  I would have responded sooner, but I was in
the middle of an expirment, shutting down mail and news demons on the
machine in order to make more sense of the debug from BIND.

What I found was that it was still receiving datagrams from the
machine requesting lookups of the mail relay and peer news server
hostnames even though mail and news were not running.  On an impulse
I replaced the first nameserver in my resolve.conf with the loopback
address rather than the ethernet IP address, and HUP'd BIND.  The
datagrams stopped - was BIND sending itself queries?

24Hrs later, when the entries were cleaned, its back to its old
tricks, this time the datagrams that initiate the process coming
from the loopback address.

Any clues?

	David Cooke.

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