BIND Security question

Robert Everland III reverland at
Tue Mar 7 16:08:01 UTC 2000

	ok sorry let me clear up my problem more. I use 4.9.7 becuase 8.2.2 p5 for
NT has a bug. It takes the lowest ip on the machine and will only use that
one ip no others no matter what you do. Now what my ISP keeps telling me is
becuase they are querying my DNS server for domains not on my server and
getting a list of root servers is becuase I have misconfigured my DNS. What
I tell them is the security I have makes it so they can't query any domain
names NOT on my server. when they query a domain on my server it gives them
an answer but not if they want to randomly check a domain name. So my domain
server NS1.ORLANDO.COM is the DNS server and a domain on there is on there so you can check that you can get a domain on
there but can't check domains not on there. Thanks for any help you guys can

Robert Everland III
Network Administrator

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