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Tue Mar 7 17:46:31 UTC 2000

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Robert Everland III <reverland at> wrote:
>ok sorry let me clear up my problem more. I use 4.9.7 becuase 8.2.2 p5 for
>NT has a bug. It takes the lowest ip on the machine and will only use that
>one ip no others no matter what you do. Now what my ISP keeps telling me is
>becuase they are querying my DNS server for domains not on my server and
>getting a list of root servers is becuase I have misconfigured my DNS. What
>I tell them is the security I have makes it so they can't query any domain
>names NOT on my server. when they query a domain on my server it gives them
>an answer but not if they want to randomly check a domain name. So my domain
>server NS1.ORLANDO.COM is the DNS server and a domain on there
> is on there so you can check that you can get a domain on
>there but can't check domains not on there. Thanks for any help you guys can

Your ISP is being idiots.  If your server is not intended to be used as a
resolver, there's no reason why anyone would need to query your server to
look up things outside the domains you're hosting.

I wonder how you configured this security, though.  I don't think BIND 4
had anything like this.  With BIND 8 you would use the allow-query or
allow-recursion options, but the resulting behavior would be different (the
response wouldn't contain the root server list).

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