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Wed Mar 8 03:30:56 UTC 2000

Hi Mark:

Mark Hewitt wrote in message <38C3A7BC.DBBE015A at>...
>I'm in a similar situation. Having no previous knowledge of DNS. Could
>someone post an typical example of how I can get my domain to direct to
>my server given my specific IP address, and nothing more fancy than

Here is an example of how I have created resource records at

Let us say your domain name is "", your personal name is "Grass
Hopper", your telephone number is "604 555-1234", you have an email address
"grass at" and an IP address "". We shall assume you have
registered your domain with a registrar like Network Solutions
"" or a less expensive company like "". You
will need the IP address's of the nameservers when you
register your domain;

Here is the important data:

     Domain name:
         My name:   Grass Hopper
Telephone number:   604 555-1234
      IP address:

Now to create the required resource records for "".

----------<clip here>----------       IN NS       IN NS       IN RP IN TXT "Grass Hopper, (604) 555-1234"

localhost       IN A       IN A
www             IN CNAME
ftp             IN CNAME
mail            IN CNAME       IN MX 10
----------<clip here>----------

Don't miss any periods, typos and extra characters.

The first two lines tell everybody you are using ns1 (nameserver one) and
ns2 at as your primary and secondary nameservers.

The third line is blank; not required but I like a little white space.

Line four tells everybody that you, Grass Hopper, are the RP "responsible
person" for this domain and that your email address is grass at (note
the use of a period, NOT an @ symbol in the RP line). Please use an email
address other than one at your new domain. The reason should be obvious, if
you have difficulties with your domain not resolving and want to make
changes, you are required to acknowledge an email sent to the above email
address - if your domain isn't functioning you won't be able to receive and
acknowledge the changes. It is amazing how many people are stumpted by this.
Get a free account at and use it for your RP email address.

Line five gives your full name and telephone number. If you like, substitute
your NIC handle for your telephone number like this "Grass Hopper", NIC

Line six, more white space.

Line seven is the same on all sites, it assigns the default internal domain
name "localhost" the default internel IP address "" - do not

Line eight is where you tell the world your domain name "" resolves
to "", your IP address.

Lines nine, ten and eleven all assign CNAMEs (canonical names) to the domain
names on the right. If you want people to be able to type "" and
be directed to "", then you have to make a CNAME reference. "ftp"
and "mail" are the other obvious CNAMEs.

Line twelve is your MX (mail exchange) record which tells mail programs that
your primary mailserver resides on "" and to send mail there. The
number "10" is a preference number; if there is more than one MX entry the
second mailserver should be assigned a higher number, i.e. your second
preference;    IN MX 20

Create your RRs (resource records) in a text editor like "vi" or "notepad"
at home - please make sure there are no typos, missed periods or extraneous

When you think it looks right, start a free account at ""
by selecting the "Create primary DNS" and cut and paste your RRs into the
editor window - do not forget your chosen password or you will be f-cked,
and make sure you enter an email address NOT on your new domain or you will
be f-cked.

When satisfied, hit the "send" buttom and watch for error messages. If your
RRs are accepted, you will receive an email request for acknowledgement
usually within 15 minutes*. Check it over again and don't be dismayed if
quote symbols " have turned into asterix * - just hit "Reply" and send it
back. Don't worry about the ">" symbols, this is JUST confirmation. Do not
edit the records on the confirmation email if they are incorrect, go back to and edit them using "Edit primary DNS".

It usually takes ~24 hours to load new or updated records,
don't fret. Check the granitecanyon "kiss-of-death" list to see if your
domain has been rejected by BIND - "Status Update - zones rejected by BIND
in the last reload due to DNS syntax errors, only".

To see if granitecanyon is serving your domain, try this in unix/Linux;

nslookup <enter>

If that returns your IP address you are in business, as far as goes.

Now try;

nslookup <enter>

If that returns your IP address you are in business.

Also try;, and to make sure all is
well with your CNAMES.

Hope this helps out.

Best regards,


(* has been taking as long as 48 hours to
email acknowledgement messages - what can I say, be patient)

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