tech to a newbie

Jimmy Sapède sapede at
Wed Mar 8 07:49:18 UTC 2000


there's some weeks i try to do something. I get to the net through a lan
and my pc got a local ip adress like, with a netmask of some weeks later i foud that my proxy got a static ip
adress like (i asked to the ripe database to trace the
route ). by quering a whois , i saw that the organisation i'm from have
255 allowed adresses, and i found by testing that there was 4 machines
in all the organisation with a static real ip adress, all with the same i got an idea... don't know if it's a good one... and tried It.
Using the route i saw first, i used the ip adress over my proxy
(193.54.XXX.XXX) as a bridge and i forced the attribution of a static ip
193.48.XXX.XXX with a netmask of and at my surprise it
seemed to work cuz after some tests, the windows configuration didn't
gave me an error. Testin my new configuration with a packet capture, i
saw that i reached another level in the network because i could read all
the incoming and outgoing mails.

so here's the real problem.... I tried to get to the internet , and i
didn't found how to do... tried with direct connection option (netscape
4.72) ..... tried with the same old proxy (with local adress or
with the static one 193.48.XXX.XXX)... but i coul not reach the
internet. another problem is i could not reach internal workstations of
the compagny.

As i told in the title i'm newbie in networking... is there anyone who
could tell me what happened exactly in my case and how to do to get this
damn real IP on my machine.

thx ;-}

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