Chicken vs. egg

Tom Robinson trobinson at gksystems.kom
Wed Mar 8 16:48:19 UTC 2000

It's more a "bootstrap" situation rather than "chicken vs. egg".
Short answer: Your ns1 and must initially have their A
records elsewhere.
Here are the steps, where is currently authority for your but you want to set up your own name servers:
1. Ask to add two A records for your zone, for
and They must do this, not you, unless they have a fancy web
tool that lets you administer your own resource records.
2. Send in two host registration requests (using to register your name
3. Get your name servers running, loading your zone. (This step
can be done first without ill effects.)
4. Now you can change over to your name servers with

The request in 2 and 4 must come from someone with authority for,
but ideally you are the admin contact while are the technical
contact, so the request can come from you. If not then you should get them
to make you a contact.

If you had given your real domain name instead of I could give
more complete information!
...Tom Robinson

Mark Hartley <nobody at> wrote in message
news:38C1CE8B.4700F719 at
> I just recently set up my own domain servers for a domain I own.  I had
> formerly been using as my dns server simply because they
> did it for free.  Now that I'm moving to my own dns servers, I have a
> problem.
> I've named my dns servers and,  (I'm using
> as an example here)  but of course now nobody knows about
> those names because they are defined within the DNS setup on those
> machines.  My question is:  how do I initially set up my dns servers
> with a domain name if the domain names are in turn defined by those same
> DNS servers.

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