How to set up a top domain server ?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Mar 8 23:35:06 UTC 2000

Robbert Muller wrote:

> Hi,
> We have some seperate private networks which are interconnected. We're trying to
> get a topdomain to work for these networks. We want to use .foo (figured it
> wasn't in use). Our seperate networks will be managing their own domains like
> * Because of technical reasons we don't want every domain to be
> mirrored on one host. Now the problem: We could use seperate forward entries in
> the named.conf, but we would like to have them in a single resolve file. One
> that would contain entries like:
>            3600000  IN  NS
>         3600000      A
>          3600000  IN  NS
>       3600000      A
> These host would be the responsible nameservers for their subdomains.
> our private networks are 10.(something).* :-)
> Yes, everone has a B-class network.
> How would we configure something like this in bind? Or what nameserver do
> thenormal top-domains use to achieve such behaviour?

Create a "foo" zone on a master and some secondaries, delegate "",
"" and any other subdomain from that internal "foo" zone. Then, on all of
your nameservers, define "foo" as either 1) a "forward only" zone pointing to
internal servers that can and will recursively resolve queries in that domain, or
2) a master/slave/stub, cancelling forwarding for the hierarchy by using the
"forwarders {}" syntax.

- Kevin

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