QUE: Bind automatically startup at boot

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at cospo.osis.gov
Wed Mar 8 22:43:23 UTC 2000

On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 08:11:39AM +0000, mtsouk at dolnet.gr wrote:
> I don't know many things about HP/UX and that is why I want to ask
> the following question:
> My company has a machine with HP/UX 11.00
> I have compiled and put there the latest bind/named DNS server.
> I want this server to automatically start and stop when the machine boots.

Under HP-UX 10.20, we made sure that /sbin/init.d/named referred to the
installed version of 'named'.  We also made sure that there was a
symbolic link back to that file from another directory.  The name of
the directory includes the default run level - if that run level were
"2", for instance, the directory would be /sbin/rc2.d/.  The name of
the file starts with "S" and ends with "named", and in between has
THREE (3) digits that give its order of execution.  Ours is "S370named".

Looking at the system, it looks like our default run level is "3", but
all /etc/rcN.d directories from 1 to 3 are executed in order.  This
differs from normal System V Unix actions.

In /sbin/rc1.d/, you should create another symbolic link back to
"/sbin/init.d/named".  This link's name should start with "K", end with
"named", and have THREE (3) digits giving its order of execution when
it is time to KILL named on shutdown.  E.g., "K630named".

I keep emphasizing THREE digits because the default for System V Unix
systems is TWO digits.  This is not a requirement, HP just decided to
have 1000 levels instead of 100.

You can determine your default run-level by looking in /etc/inittab for
the line whose third field ["action"] is "initdefault".  E.g.:
Or just do a 'who -r'.

You can determine the directories in which to look by examining
/etc/inittab for a runfile that starts in every state.  Here it is
"/sbin/rc".  This shell file calls get_scripts() [a shell function
defined in-line], which looks for "/sbin/rc${state}.d/".  It does this
for every state from the initial, lower state to the desired state.

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