seting up a ns at networksolutions...

Duane Cox dcox at
Thu Mar 9 14:03:08 UTC 2000

I have filled out a form at network solutions for creating a host ... ( and;
two seperate forms of course)
I am not the technical or administrative contact, but the administrative contact (kevino at
DID recieve and DID return the automated response back to network solutions...

My questions are, does the technical contact need to do anything here??  Can the technical contact
override and deny the administrative request?  also since we dont have the name servers registered yet
we dont have the reverse for our network delegated to us... So does the owner of that network
have to allow us to setup a name server on one of those ip addresses.. I know I will need to setup a PTR in the
reverse, thats not the question :) 

Reason being a whois host returns nothing

thanks in advance
Duane Cox
dcox at

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