Summary: Running Hidden Master

lhcash at lhcash at
Thu Mar 9 14:30:50 UTC 2000

Many thanks to:
     Barry Margolin
     Cricket Liu
     Matthias Koerber
     B.J. Sanaee
     Christopher Allen

for their help and input.

My master must have just failed to load the domain correctly (and a local
BIND "expert" gave me the incorrect answer I cited so vociferously, by way
of ducking blame ;-) ).  According to several, hiding the master in a
behind-a-firewall config is pretty standard, and if I get the
nonauthoritative answers from a server I had config'd to be the master,
I've either not done it correctly or the zone simply failed to load
correctly for some reason.  So...what I want to do should work, given that
I'm not using dynamic updates.

Thanks to all for the clue-by-four to the head, I obviously knew a lot less
than I thought I did (hardly a rare occurrence).


Sandy Cash
Systems Administrator, Unix Geek
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