Looking for multi-customer DNS system for an ISP

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Thu Mar 9 06:30:59 UTC 2000

I wasn't real clear on what exactly UltraDNS' contribution is.  The
web-based interfaces were pretty crude.   Is their real innovation in the
underlying DNS engine?    How many domains can a single bind instance
typically handle, and how many does ultraDNS claim theirs can handle?


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"Bill Manning" <bmanning at ISI.EDU> wrote in message
news:200003081658.IAA19454 at zed.isi.edu...
> %
> % I'm looking for a web-driven application that would let customers of an
> % configure and manage all domains that they own.   The configuration
> % information, once written, would then be fed to either bind, or to some
> % custom software that can act as a DNS server for multiple, independently
> % configured domains.
> %
> % Does such code exist either in the public domain, or as a commercial
> % product.   If some vendor has implemented such an idea as a consulting
> % project and has rights to the code I might be interested in purchasing
> % Any references to existing implementations are appreciated.
> %
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> % Will
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> You might want to take a peek at ultraDNS.
> Its been very slow out of the gate but might be what you want.
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> --bill

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