Secondary for internal root

schant at schant at
Thu Mar 9 16:26:10 UTC 2000

I have an internal root running on QIP v5 BIND8.1.1 and am trying to set
up a secondary on Aix BIND8.1.2. A debug of tests with another Qip
server as secondary root shows Notify working and and IXFR occuring when
I change db.root. An ls of the domain shows the correct serial number
and I can resolve the changes. A debug of tests with the Aix server also
shows Notify and IXFR, but an ls -d of root on that server shows an old
serial number and I cannot resolve the changes I've made. Named.conf
looks correct in both cases. What else can I check, and are there any
known issues with BIND on Aix?


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