Win95 machine not looking at 2nd and 3rd DNS

nobody nobody at
Thu Mar 9 17:36:19 UTC 2000

Hi All

I have a Win 95 machine which is set up to look at 3 DNS servers.  The
first is our internal, and the second and third are the ISP's.  If I
look for a web address, the machine will query only the internal then
give up (checked this with a packet sniffer).

The internal DNS is sat on a linux box and serves subdomains beneath our
internet registered domain (ie. registed domain, this box does and  The machine has no zone for root

However, other machines I have seem to work fine (a linux box (not the
name server), and an NT box.  I'v done a quick test and it seems I have
the same problem with another win95 machine as well.

Any ideas (i'm sure it was working before)

Mark Taylor

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