RFC 2317

parker at bctm.com parker at bctm.com
Fri Mar 10 21:05:05 UTC 2000


I've read and I think I follow RFC 2317 as it applies to the scope
discussed in the RFC.

I have a slightly different issue and wonder if the RFC is applicable.

My site is part of a larger organization. We're operating our own DNS,
and will soon be taking on a part of the address range of our parent.

The current address range is the class B (example) 172.60.x.y. We have
been allocated subnets 64 through 127 of this class B.

Can I set things up in a similar fashion as described in RFC 2317 such
that I have control over the PTR records for my subnets, and delegation
is correct?

I've been attempting this in a test setup and have not had much luck so
far... any pointers would be appreciated (no pun intended) 



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