Bind allowing localhost maps

Robert Weber Robert.Weber at Colorado.EDU
Fri Mar 10 22:10:55 UTC 2000

This is a report I got from our campus spamcop.  It I verified I can do
this with bind 8.2.2p5 by CNAME'ing my machine to localhost.  The domain
is rejected as authoritive BUT it still resolves making a clever hole
for spamers.  Can this be looked into so bind will stop functioning when
such a resoultion to localhost or is made?

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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 13:59:58 -0700
From: Phil Hugger <hugger at Colorado.EDU>

Those wiley spammers are getting pretty inventive.

>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> 554 MX list for points back to boulder.Colorado.EDU
> 554 <dsmith at>... Local configuration error

Oh, really?

~>nslookup -q=mx
Server:  boulder.Colorado.EDU

Non-authoritative answer:    preference = 5, mail exchanger = localhost


> Subject: Fw:  really works!  
> This is not SPAM. This e-mail has been sent to you in opt
> in subscribers news service.


- -Phil

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