Eliminating the "www" Portion of a URL

James Housley jim at thehousleys.net
Mon Mar 13 12:29:19 UTC 2000

Paul Scott wrote:
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> How can I setup my zone records for each of the domains that I host so that
> the "www" portion of an address does not need to be entered when browsing to
> a site's URL?  I have tried and tried to get this functionality, but cannot
> seem to figure it out.  It seems that it would be as simple as the
> following:
> domain.com.    IN    A
> www            IN    A
> domain.com     IN CNAME www
> But this does not work, since the www address is an NT server running IIS
> and domain.com. is already pointing to (the primary DNS
> server).
> Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
Couple of options.

domain.com.     IN  A
domain.com.     MX  10  mail.domain.com.

www             IN CNAME www

mail            IN  A

Have your router/firwall redirect all inbound traffic to

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