Eliminating the "www" Portion of a URL

Lourdes Jones lourdes at ljones.com
Mon Mar 13 13:15:29 UTC 2000

Hi Jim,

I think you lost me a couple of times.

James Housley wrote:
> Couple of options.
> first:
> domain.com.     IN  A
> domain.com.     MX  10  mail.domain.com.
> www             IN CNAME www

This makes no sense to me.

Did you mean
  www             IN CNAME domain.com.

> mail            IN  A
> second:
> Have your router/firwall redirect all inbound traffic to
> to

I would have set up the router/firewall to redirect all inbound traffic for to since I understood a problem to be mail
addressed to user at domain.com going to rather than
as specified in the MX record.

Corrections gratefully accepted, I'm heading for my first cup of coffee.


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