dual process dns

Chris Cell ccell at home.com
Mon Mar 13 13:00:14 UTC 2000

  I am trying to setup two processes of named on the same machine (Internal
and External), and am having problems with both running at the same time.
When I have both running I get different errors including: namedserver
already running, and it deletes the listen-on interfaces on the primary.
Errors on the secondary say not authoritative for mydomain.domain.
The strange thing is if I point to the primary nameserver for both internal
and external I get resolution for everything (internal names, can browse the
Internet, etc), but zone transfer does not work on one of the processes and
dns doesn't work properly for either process on the secondary unless I stop
one or the other. When I kill one of the processes on the secondary the one
left running is perfect. Also, on the secondary the process that starts
first on boot gets zone transfers, but the other will not (I changed the
order, and it holds true). Both of the outside servers are internally
controlled and administered (the ISP has nothing to do with zone transfers,
  It is running on Redhat 6.1, bind version 8.1.2 I believe (that could be
wrong, what ever comes with Redhat 6.1 out of the box). Both the primary and
secondary nameservers are setup this way. The outside process primary and
secondary server names, and public addresses are registered at NSI. The
inside process is not publicly known, and in fact due to securities cannot
reach past the firewalls. On the primary nameserver I have two physical nics
with two ip addresses, and on the secondary I created a virtual interface
for the second ip address. The servers are in two different geographical
locations, with separate Internet connections. I have also changed the
internal process's named.ca to point to the primary internal private ip
address as root (external process named.ca normal). I edited
/etc/rc.d/init.d/named to start both on boot, and when I check they are both

Quick look:

Primary nameserver (primary for both inside and outside processes).
Host name Primary

Outside process:
alias nse
mydomain.domain (being NAT'ed at the firewall to - registered
at NSI)
listening on
flies in /var/named/external

Inside process:
alias ns
listening on
files in /var/named

Secondary nameserver
Host name secondary

Outside process:
alias nse2
mydomain.domain (being NAT'ed at the firewall to - registered
at NSI)
listening on
files in /var/named/external

Inside process:
alais ns2
listening on
files in /var/named

  I thought that you could run two processes at the same time on bind 8.x.
Is there something I missed, or can this not be done in this manner? Any
help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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