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Mon Mar 13 21:04:12 UTC 2000

> I've an internal network on the 10 range with one Linux box connected to the
> internet and registered with internic.  It acts as my webserver as well as DN
> S
> and mail host.  But I actually have all mail going to by NT server, which is 
> not
> connected to the internet at all.  The way I did this was to simply designate
>  in
> my zone the NT server as the primary MX.  Then, another Linux DNS server that
> knows internal addresses only can resolve the address for my main DNS.
> This works except that I get an error message in my log:
> sysquery: findns error (NXDOMAIN) on
> Any way to eliminate that?
	You has a NS which refers to this name.  Use 'ndc dumpdb'
	to dump the cache contents to file.  Seach this file to
	find the NS record in question then remove the NS records
	from the appropriate zone.

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