behaviour of host command

Dominik Brettnacher domi at
Tue Mar 14 20:10:28 UTC 2000


in the last few months, I have noticed that the behaviour of the host
command has changed: using the old versions I have, host checked for A and
MX records as written in the source code (host.c):

   590          if (gettype)
   591                  return (getinfo(name, domain, gettype));
   592          else {
   593                  val1 = getinfo(name, domain, gettype=ns_t_a);
   594                  if (cname || verbose)
   595                          return (val1);
   596                  val2 = getinfo(name, domain, gettype=ns_t_mx);
   597                  return (val1 || val2);
   598          }

Since host has been rewritten, this code has become useless because of
this "if" clause:

   273          if (gettype == 0) {
   274                  if (verbose)
   275                          printf ("Forcing `-t a' for signature
   276                  gettype = ns_t_a;
   277          }

I am wondering why the "if" clause at line 273 has been added. I think
using both of these constructs at the same time makes no sense. Can
anybody provide me a clue?

Dominik -

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