Some question about DNS packet redirection

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Wed Mar 15 10:36:49 UTC 2000

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Subject:  Some question about DNS packet redirection


I'm studying DNS server that processes all DNS query packets passing it,
regardless of the destination addresses of the packets.
(Since other DNS servers don't know its existence,
this server is not selected as forwarder by them !!!)

For this study, I will apply proxy-daemon.
    The roles of this proxy-daemon is represented below.
    1. catch all DNS query packets passing DNS server(Layer 4 Switch redirect
DNS packet
     to DNS server without destination address translatioin).
    2. convert destination address of DNS query packet to DNS server's address.
    3. send converted DNS query packet to Named.
    4. convert source addr. of DNS response packet received from Named
       to destination addr. of original query packet.
    5. send DNS response packet.

But, I wonder if Named is worked properly after this change.
And I'd like to know how to get same effect through the change of BIND source

Thank you.

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