How can I get named.stats file?

Richard Barnes rbarnes at
Wed Mar 15 14:59:01 UTC 2000

issue the command:

"ndc stats"  for the stats file
"ndc dumpdb" for the database dump file

my ndc binary is located in /usr/local/sbin, but it may be different for you
depending on your compile options.

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Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 2:43 AM
Subject: How can I get named.stats file?

>Hi all!
>I am using a BIND 8.2.2 P 5 on Solaris.
>By the way,
>Nevertheless I have options in named.conf file like below, there is not any
files except named_dump.db file in /var/adm/syslog/ directory.
>How can I get named.stats, named.memstats?
>Could you let me know how can I do?
>Thank you!!!
>In named.conf
>        directory "/user/named";
>        multiple-cnames yes;
>        dump-file       "/var/adm/syslog/named_dump.db";
>        memstatistics-file      "/var/adm/syslog/named.memstats";
>        statistics-file "/var/adm/syslog/named.stats",
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