Informational warning re RH6.2beta and Rawhide

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Thu Mar 16 17:07:49 UTC 2000

> Running BIND as non-root is a Good Thing from a security perspective. 
> If there's a bug here it is that the destination for the file write is
> not writeable by user "named".
> *** Steve Snyder ***

I agree, I merely was pointing out that since they switched from running
as root to running as named they also managed to break ndc. Which means
that they didnt finish the job of setting up bind as non-root. The 
version 8.2.2P5-1 rpm will allow you to do the same thing except you
would have to manually set up the named user and so on. Something I 
know how to do, but I was thinking in terms of the people that load and
go and suddenly find they cant run ndc stats or ndc dumpdb.


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