Root name servers not working in BIND 8.2?

Andre Schneickert Andre.Schneickert at
Fri Mar 17 16:10:42 UTC 2000


I recently upgraded a BIND 8.1.x server to BIND 8.2.2.
Since then, the server is not able to query hosts via the internal
root name servers, queries for local zones are working.

The root name server hint zone is configured correctly, but seems not
to be loaded by the server on startup.

I took a look at the named.dump and found this:

; --- Hints ---
.       3600000 IN      NS   ;Cl=0 LAME=515
        3600000 IN      NS   ;Cl=0 LAME=515
demans02        3600000 IN      A   ;NT=768 Cl=0
demans01        3600000 IN      A   ;NT=517 Cl=0

Why does it declare my root name servers as lame?

Using forwarder entries to my root name servers instead works, but I
would like to use the hint zone instead of forwarders.

I switched back to BIND 8.1.x and the root zone worked again.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!

Andre Schneickert
Andre.Schneickert at

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