memget errors in bindlog

Bob Halley Bob.Halley at
Tue Mar 21 22:05:21 UTC 2000

Kevin Darcy <kcd at> writes:

> Having said that, however, I agree that crashing and burning is hardly a
> reasonable way to deal with memory exhaustion. Can someone comment on
> whether BIND 9 is/will be any better in this regard?

BIND 9 will be better.  The BIND 9 architecture allows for multple
"memory contexts", so you'll eventually be able to say something like

	"Use as much memory as required for my authoritative data, but
	only use up to 10MB for the cache."

Exhaustion of the memory allocated for the cache will (in a future
beta) trigger cache cleaning/purging.  In the current beta, running
out of memory will cause that attempt to cache data to fail, but will
not cause the server to crash.

The BIND 8 cache cleaner runs periodically, and is not incremental.
The entire cache is cleaned at once, and the server will not respond
to queries while the cleaning is running.

The BIND 9 cache has an incremental cleaner, which breaks the job into
little bits, and interleaves cache cleaning with normal server
operations; in particular, the server will still answer queries.  If
you have multiple CPUs, the cleaner will even run in parallel with
normal operations.


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