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Sun Mar 19 22:00:11 UTC 2000

> Hi,
> I was having a little trouble receiving mail from a company here in
> Minneapolis. We moved to a new ISP a few months ago & I suspected that this
> companies DNS server had bad info. I called them up & asked the network guy
> to try pinging our domain name from his workstation. Sure enough, he
> received an IP address from our old ISP back.
> So I have seen now that a DNS servers cache can contain out of date info.
> How do you check a DNS servers cache?
> How do you clean out old info?
> Thanks,
> Bruce

	As there is bad data still out there, there is a active source of
	bad/old data.

	This could either be glue records and/or the old nameservers are
	still handing out the old zone contents.

	Since you havn't told us the hostname in question and which IP
	addresses it is hard to be more specific.

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