Bad cache?

Bruce Ordway ordway at
Sun Mar 19 23:32:40 UTC 2000

>As there is bad data still out there, there is a active source of bad/old
>This could either be glue records and/or the old nameservers are still
handing out the old zone contents.<
I'm pretty sure this is only happening at one company that is running their
own DNS server. I can send email to them, but when they reply they get a
"user unknown" error.

>Since you havn't told us the hostname in question and which IP addresses it
is hard to be more specific.<
The domain name in question is with a current ip address
The DNS server that is having trouble is returning for
this was the ip address from our old isp & is at least a couple of months
out of date.

Anyway, I've alerted the people responsible for that DNS server & they are
looking into it.

My question is more of a general nature. How can I check my own DNS server &
make sure that I don't have any bogus info cached?


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