How do I tell granitecanyon where my primary is?

Jerry Asher jerryasher at
Sun Mar 19 23:30:12 UTC 2000

Probably the latter.  I've been hemming and hawing over using granitecanyon for some time, but didn't really "need" to until a day or so ago.

Thanks for the help,


On Sun, 19 Mar 2000 12:53:35   housley wrote:
>jerryasher at said: 
>> Yesterday I tried to configure a secondary dns service (to use the
>> unpublished primary method) for my domain at granitecanyon.
>> I was surprised to be given a form that asked for RRs.  (I entered some
>> and clicked send.)
>That indicates 1 of two problems.
>Either you Selected "Create primary" instead of "Create Secondary", which is 
>needed because they really are the secondary servers off of your primary.
>Or, you previously had a "Primary" account which you didn't delete before 
>changing to secondary.

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