where is the case of a URL defined? how do I ensure it is mixed case and not all lower case?

Timothy GILL TimGill at home.com
Mon Mar 20 00:22:39 UTC 2000

I manage a web site for a community group, http://ArtsMaplewood.org.  We
use an ISP who offered their services for free.  However, it is frustrating
to go to the site and see its name shown in my browser window as
http://artsmaplewood.org because it is hard to read.  This is especially so
when I see other sites where the mixed case of the domain name has been preserved.
I want the URL to show up in browser windows as "ArtsMaplewood.org".
I know most people don't care, but we do.

I looked up "case" in the index of the O'Reilly book DNS & Bind by Albitz
and Liu, and on p. 58 it states that "DNS resource records
 in the db files

case is preserved but DNS lookups are case-insensitive."  This makes me
think that by changing some DNS record somewhere, I can get our domain to
show up in mixed case by anyone who visits.  This is what I expected, since
Unix has always had a reasonable approach to case (and DNS/BIND were developed
on Unix, right?).

So, my question: what DNS record needs to be fixed?  Who would own this
record in my case?  My ISP?  Internic.net?  Some intermediate DNS host somewhere?
Can I control it from my access to my web site for uploading files?

I'd sure appreciate an answer to this.

TimGill at home.com (e-mail responses preferred)

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