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Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Mar 21 00:16:23 UTC 2000

Barry Margolin wrote:

> Argh!  How can we stop people from asking this same question EVERY SINGLE
> DAY?  This is not a write-only newsgroup, you should read it first.
> Someone asked this same question yesterday, and I told him to read the
> answer that was posted when someone asked the question a day or two before
> that.

Well, supposedly this list/newsgroup is moderated, maybe the moderators could help
(?) If the moderation is automated, then perhaps something could be inserted into
the auto-moderation script to just mail back a mini-FAQ whenever the bot sees the
"No default TTL ..." text (?)

- Kevin

> But I'll take pity on you and answer it again.
> In article <8at0tl$7dn$1 at>,
>  <friedrich_kirsch at> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >Every time I load a zone, I recieve this message:
> >Zone "muc.han" (file muc/muc.han): No default TTL set using SOA minimum
> >instead
> >As far I can see, the TTL-time is set. Here is the SOA-Record of my
> >zone:
> >@ IN SOA ns1.muc.han. root.ns1.muc.han. (
> >200003170 ; Serial
> >8H ; Refresh
> >2H ; Retry
> >1W ; Expire
> >2D) ; Minimum TTL
> >How can I set a default-TTL other than in the SOA-Record?
> In BIND 8.2 the default TTL is set with a line that looks like:
> $TTL 2D
> Since you don't have such a line, it's reverting to the old behavior and
> using the Minimum field from the SOA record, just like the message says.
> This is on the web site, on the Configuration File Hints page.
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