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Tue Mar 21 00:47:50 UTC 2000

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Kevin Darcy wrote:

> Barry Margolin wrote:
> > Argh!  How can we stop people from asking this same question EVERY SINGLE
> > DAY?  This is not a write-only newsgroup, you should read it first.
> > Someone asked this same question yesterday, and I told him to read the
> > answer that was posted when someone asked the question a day or two before
> > that.
> Well, supposedly this list/newsgroup is moderated, maybe the
> moderators could help (?) If the moderation is automated, then
> perhaps something could be inserted into the auto-moderation
> script to just mail back a mini-FAQ whenever the bot sees the "No
> default TTL ..." text (?)

The newsgroup is moderated (largely to keep out spam) but the mailing
list is not moderated. 

Auto-moderating the mailing list would be an idea if it was 100%
accurate. Unfortunately, auto-moderation is nowhere near that
perfect. It might catch 95% of the FAQs, but still let in that other
5%. It would also probably catch at least a few non-FAQ questions with
the same text. 

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