Where is BIND?

Johnno johnno at nospam.casebook.org
Tue Mar 21 08:42:45 UTC 2000

Barry Margolin <barmar at bbnplanet.com> wrote in message:

> > Where is BIND?  I am using Red Hat 6.1, installed BIND from the
> > CD, but can't seem to find where the BIND files are.  What is the
> > start command, what is the name of the BIND config file?  I looked
> > for named.conf in my /etc/ directory but couldn't find it.  Is this the
> > config file for BIND?  If it is maybe some one could post a sample
> > named.conf for my to copy.

> There won't be a named.conf file unless you create one.

Not true with Red Hat Linux installations.

/etc/named.conf is pre-installed if you install BIND during installation.  By
default, BIND is configured as a caching nameserver with an in-addr.arpa zone
for the loopback subnet.

I believe that an installation of BIND from an RPM will install

Johnno (johnno at nospam.casebook.org)

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