Where is BIND?

Ingo T. Storm bind at computerbild.de
Wed Mar 22 08:26:38 UTC 2000

> > There won't be a named.conf file unless you create one.
> Not true with Red Hat Linux installations.
> /etc/named.conf is pre-installed if you install BIND during installation.

Sorry to be nitpicking:

- bind-XXX.rpm does not install a named.conf.
- bind-utils-xxx.prm does not install a named.conf.
 - cacheing-nameserver-xxx.prm does create named.conf and a reverse zone for and named.local for "localhost" resolution
- I did not check who installs named.cache, but presumably it's the latter,

If you chose "nameserver" during a redhat install, it will install all three
packages, thus you will see a working cacheing bind if you are on the
internet or if you give it a forwarder.


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