Where is BIND?

Johnno johnno at nospam.casebook.org
Wed Mar 22 09:12:45 UTC 2000

Ingo T. Storm <bind at computerbild.de> wrote:

> > > There won't be a named.conf file unless you create one.

> > Not true with Red Hat Linux installations.

> > /etc/named.conf is pre-installed if you install BIND during installation.

> Sorry to be nitpicking:

> - bind-XXX.rpm does not install a named.conf.
> - bind-utils-xxx.prm does not install a named.conf.
>  - cacheing-nameserver-xxx.prm does create named.conf and a reverse
> zone for and named.local for "localhost" resolution
> - I did not check who installs named.cache, but presumably it's the
> latter, too.

> If you chose "nameserver" during a redhat install, it will install all
> packages, thus you will see a working cacheing bind if you are on the
> internet or if you give it a forwarder.

You appear to be quite correct.

In cases where I built servers specifically for the purpose of being
nameservers, I chose to install BIND when installing the operating system,
hence the presence of /etc/named.conf.  Likewise in other instances where I
had selected either the "everything" or "DNS server" options.

Having just run a test install of BIND 8.2.2-P5 on a system on which I had
chosen not to originally install BIND, indeed, there is no /etc/named.conf.

I'll remember that little gotcha.

In Barry's original post, he explained that he "installed BIND from the CD".
If by this he meant that he selected "DNS server" or "everything" from the
custom installation option screen, I find it strange that /etc/named.conf is

However, he could have meant that he mounted the CD post-installation and
installed BIND from the RPM.

Johnno (johnno at nospam.casebook.org)

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