Where is BIND?

Kihurani Gakuu kgakuu at desupernet.net
Tue Mar 21 00:42:11 UTC 2000


There's an RPM file in your installation CD that is called BIND utilities(or
something like that). Install it and the configuration files will be copied
to /etc directory. The data files are in /var/named. To start named just
type "named" at the command line. To restart named, type "killall -HUP


> Where is BIND?  I am using Red Hat 6.1, installed BIND from the CD, but
> can't seem to find where the BIND files are.  What is the start command,
> what is the name of the BIND config file?  I looked for named.conf in my
> /etc/ directory but couldn't find it.  Is this the config file for BIND?
> it is maybe some one could post a sample named.conf for my to copy.
> thanks for helping a newbie...
> bernie

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